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Our Favorite Memories Of Our Dads

DADS PUT IN SO MUCH work to keep their families afloat day in and day out. And that’s why we love them so much! Father’s Day gives us a special day to honor and celebrate all the dads we know, love, and care about. So we’ve taken the time to gather our favorite stories about our dads and stories about what it’s like being a dad from the dads themselves!

Our Favorite Memories Of Our Dads


I grew up on a farm so my dad was gone dawn to dark. It was always a treat when he would join in with me and my 4 siblings for a quick baseball game in the front yard!




This is me and my dad at my brother’s wedding. I am the most proud of my dad because he has always been such a hard worker and always does what it takes. My favorite memory of my dad and I is our trip to West Virginia while researching our family genealogy and how exciting it was to see the old homestead. It was a super fun trip and great bonding experience. I will always remember that trip!


My favorite dad memory would probably have to be… when I was younger me and my family went on a Disney Cruise. One of the nights we were on the ship my dad asked me if I wanted to watch the sunrise the next day. So we got up super early the next morning before the sun was up and watched the sun come up over the ocean. It was one of the first times I think I ever saw a sunrise but it was even more special because it was just me and him. I remember laughing and talking about silly things. But out of all the sunrises I have seen in my life, the one I saw that day deep out in the ocean with just me and my dad was definitely the most amazing.


Some of my favorite memories of my dad and I revolve around softball. I played softball growing up and every Saturday my dad and I would get up, eat the same breakfast and head to the ball field. We spent countless hours at the ballpark, but we both loved every minute of it – well at least when my team played well :). My dad and I have travel to over 11 different states to play softball, sometimes we flew and other times we drove for days to get a little extra sight-seeing in. Traveling all over the states to play softball was much more than just softball, they were family vacations and time a lot of time spent with my dad!





My dad was always mine and my friends taxi cab. So he was always there. But the one conversation that always seems to come up the way we would like into our little Ford Escort 10-15 people and he would drive us to the lake and just sit there watching us swim. Like he had no care in the world and since he can’t swim he couldn’t get in to join us. But he said he always enjoyed watching us having a great time.


Everyone Has A Story To Tell

The stories are different with each family, and as much as we love our own stories about the dads in our lives, we want to hear yours too! If you have a special memory of your dad or of being a dad or of some other dad who has made a big impact in your life, we want to hear all about it, so let us know in the comments!

Have a wonderful Father’s Day dads! You deserve it!